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Original Prusa XL Semi-assembled 2-toolhead 3D Printer

The XL offers a true multi-material experience, giving you the option to combine materials like soft TPU with durable PCCF in a single print. Or, for less demanding projects, you can use PLA as support material for PETG objects, making the removal of supports much easier. The XL can be upgraded with more toolheads at any time.

With five toolheads, the XL offers unmatched multi-material performance and speed with extremely fast tool changing and advanced technologies to deliver high-quality and colorful 3D prints with minimal-to-zero waste.

The printer includes one Satin print sheet and a 1kg spool of Prusament PLA.


Size comparison of prusa mini+, mk3s+ and Prusa XL

The Original Prusa XL runs on the latest embedded 32-bit platform with support for ultra-fast printing thanks to the native implementation of Input Shaper and Pressure Advance. Combined with the next-generation extruder, Nextruder, and its Loadcell sensor, the system can deliver an always-perfect first layer across the entire print surface - even in the five-head configuration! While the printer is compatible with our Prusa Connect network solution, it can be fully operated offline without any sacrifices in user comfort.

Five Prusa XL Nextruders next to each other on the printer

The toolchanger is what really sets the Original Prusa XL apart from other CoreXY 3D printers. The printer’s configuration allows for docking up to five toolheads and switching between them in a blink of an eye. You can preload up to five different filaments and truly take advantage of full multi-material printing. PLA combined with FLEX? PETG with PLA supports? The Original Prusa XL can deliver stunning results with ease - fast!

Original Prusa XL modular heatbed with one heatbedlet highlighted in orange

To further improve the quality and reliability of printing, the XL is equipped with a modular segmented heatbed driven by a separate electronic board. The heatbed consists of 16 individually controlled tiles designed to prevent heat deformation which is usually present in printers with a single large heatbed. You can always find the perfect print surface for your material with our proven double-sided print sheets with various types of surface textures.

With eight times larger print volume compared to the MINI+, no project is too big for the XL!

Efficient, Fast, Expandable

If you’re looking for a multi-material printer that won’t leave you with plenty of plastic waste on your hands, the Original Prusa XL has you covered. With five individual extruders, you can easily combine up to five filaments to print huge colorful objects - no matter whether you need a prototype for your client or just something cool to put on your shelf.

Switching between extruders is nearly instantaneous and there is very little waste because the XL doesn’t require a full wipe tower or a bin for plastic waste. All that is needed is a compact priming tower design to stabilize the pressure inside the nozzle. You can further reduce the amount of wasted filament by employing smart features from our PrusaSlicer, such as wipe to infill, which allows you to prime the nozzle into the object’s infill. With good dry filament, you can reduce the amount of plastic waste to an absolute minimum.

The machine is shipped with the latest available firmware featuring technologies such as Input Shaper, Pressure Advance and Precise Stepping. They all work together to further enhance the quality of the print and also to allow you to print much faster than ever before.

The Original Prusa XL can be further upgraded with additional extruders, so if you decide to start with a single-tool option, you can later expand it to two or five extruders with ready-made upgrade packages. An enclosure is coming soon as an optional upgrade.

Introducing the Nextruder!

Say goodbye to Live Adjust Z!

When designing the XL, we left no stone unturned. The Nextruder is the new generation of 3D printer extruders. With built-in electronics, featuring a dedicated CPU and a stepper driver directly in the print head, the Nextruder is controlled through a single-connector cable for easier maintenance. Fans, thermistors, the heater block and the extruder motor - this all connects directly to the board inside the print head.

The completely redesigned extruder assembly allowed us to implement a fully automatic first layer calibration for an always-perfect first layer. Thanks to the internally developed Load cell sensor embedded within the heatsink, the XL can measure the physical load in the heatsink and use the nozzle to probe the print surface. This way, the XL can utilize the load cell system to perform an incredibly precise height calculation for the first layer. No matter whether you just swapped the nozzle or the print sheet, there's no need to recalibrate anything. No Live Z, no manual adjustments. The XL delivers a perfectly smooth first layer every time you start a new print.

Filaments are no longer pushed by two small gears. Instead, we’re introducing a brand new planetary gearbox (1:10 ratio) with a large no-slip drive gear. This enables a higher level of control and also improves the compatibility with flexible materials. And there’s more: the nozzle and hotend are quick-swappable. The XL allows you to pull the entire hotend assembly out of the extruder without the need to disassemble it. We've also added another thermistor into the heatbreak, which allows us to adjust the temperature according to the material specs and also detect heat creep.

Sample Prints

XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print
XL sample print

What we are proud of

Nextruder closeup


Built from the ground up, the Nextruder is a brand new extruder for Original Prusa 3D printers. Significantly lighter and packed with the latest technologies, including a minimal-backlash gearbox and no-slip drive gear, the Nextruder is designed to deliver top-notch performance and amazing-looking 3D prints.

Prusa XL heatbed

Low to Zero Waste Printing

The toolchanger and Nextruder were designed for efficient multi-material printing with minimal waste and super-fast operation, allowing you to combine multiple materials within a single print and to print easily with FLEX filaments. Many models can be printed completely without waste - no waste or priming towers necessary.

Prusa XL toolchanger selecting a printhead


The XL can be upgraded with up to 5 individual print heads, each driven by its own electronics board. The internally developed toolchanger uses a reliable wear-resistant system and easy tool alignment calibration ensuring millions of trouble-free tool swaps. This makes printing with multiple colors and materials quick and easy.

Prusa XL display with controls

Power-loss recovery

Large prints can easily take many hours to finish. However, you don’t need to worry about power outages. The XL features hardware-based power-loss recovery. In case of a power failure, the XL stores the last known extruder location, so when the power is restored, the machine can pick up exactly where it left off - even with network prints!

First layer on prusa XL heatbed

Automatic First Layer Calibration

The Nextruder is equipped with the Load Cell function, which enables a fully automatic first layer calibration without ANY user intervention. No adjustments, no tuning. Before every print, the XL measures the distance between the nozzle and the sheet with pinpoint accuracy, so it delivers a perfect first layer every single time.

Diferent Prusament spools next to each other

Wide range of supported materials

The XL is fully compatible with a wide range of various types of materials. No matter whether you want to print something for fun from PLA and flexible materials, or you need to produce durable prototypes from PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene - the XL can handle them all with ease.

screenshot of prusaslicer with large model

Advanced Network Features

While the XL can be fully operated offline without any compromises, it also features Wi-Fi and an ethernet port, allowing you to manage the printer remotely. With improved network speeds and G-Code streaming, you can start printing in seconds after uploading a print file into Prusa Connect cloud.

screenshot of prusaslicer with large model

Slice with PrusaSlicer!

Our internally developed multiplatform slicer comes with in-house-made and fully tested profiles for all of our 3D printers and a wide range of filaments. With built-in tools, such as advanced support generation, cutting, automated object distribution, ironing and many others, you will turn your 3D models into print files in no time!


  • Printer design: Core XY
  • Build volume: 360×360×360 mm (14.17’’×14.17’’×14.17’’)
  • Printer dimensions700 mm (w) × 900 mm (h) × 720 mm (d) (27.5’’×35.5’’×28.5’’) including side spoolholders and the separate top enclosure cover
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm, wide range of thermoplastics supported (including, but not limited to PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS…)
  • Extruder: Planetary 1:10 gearbox with no-slip drive gear, Load Cell sensor, E3D V6 compatible*
  • Tool Changer with up to 5 tool heads (optional upgrade via built-in expansion port)
  • Bed: Segmented heatbed with 16 individually controlled segments
  • Print surface: Removable magnetic steel sheets with different surface finishes
  • Electronics: 32-bit custom-made board with an expansion slot, single-cable communication with tool heads, network features, one-click printing
  • Mesh Bed Levelling: Load Cell-based fully automatic first layer calibration with no Live Z adjustment
  • Power panic: Hardware-based, single G-Code line accuracy
  • Ethernet connection: built-in; network connectivity not required for setup or operation
  • Wi-Fi module: built-in; network connectivity not required for setup or operation
*Nextruder V6 nozzle adapter is not included

Printed Solid

Service and Repair Center for USA

Printed SOLID Logo

Printed Solid Service Center USA: I would also like to share that we have created a new Repair Center at our subsidiary branch - Printed Solid to accelerate the repair of our Original Prusa Printers within the USA. Please take a look at our Knowledge Base in detail.


XL vs MK4 Comparison

Original Prusa XL photo

Original Prusa XL

Original Prusa MK4

Original Prusa MK4

Build volume

360 x 360 x 360 mm | 14.17 x 14.17x 14.17 in250 x 210 x 220 mm | 9.84 x 8.3 x 8.6 in
Printer KinematicsCore XYCartesian

Max hotend/heatbed temp.

290 °C / 120 °C (554 °F / 248 °F)

290 °C / 120 °C (554 °F / 248 °F)

Provided nozzlePrusa Nozzle brass 0.4 mmPrusa Nozzle brass 0.4 mm
Provided steel sheetSatinSmooth PEI

Custom 32-bit XLBuddy electronics with STM32

Custom 32-bit xBuddy electronics with STM32
Stepper DriversTrinamic 2130Trinamic 2130
Stepper motors1.8° Stepper motorsPrecise 0.9° X,Y stepper motors (prevents VFA)
MMU3 supportTrue multi-material printing with up 5 independent toolheadsYes, with optional Multi-material Upgrade (MMU3)
Extruder electronicsCustom breakout board for connecting fans, thermistors and other parts.Custom breakout board for connecting fans, thermistors and other parts.
Filament path

Aluminum heatsink, all-metal hotend

Aluminum heatsink, all-metal hotend

Drive systemNextruder Planetary Gear System, 10:1 gearbox ratioNextruder Planetary Gear System, 10:1 gearbox ratio
First layer calibrationFully automatic (thanks to the Load Cell sensor)Fully automatic (thanks to the Load Cell sensor)
Quick-Swap nozzle system



Bearings/axisLinear bearings on railsLinear rotary bearings on smooth rods
LCD screen3.5″ graphic 65k color screen3.5″ graphic 65k color screen
Bed heating16x Individual heatbed tiles, energy-efficient when printing small objectsWhole heatbed (no matter the size of the object)
Bed calibrationAutomatic, Mesh Bed Leveling (only on print area)Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling (only on print area)
One-click Printing



Status LEDsYes, on display and printer frame


Bed Ilumination


Optional with Enclosure
Printer Enclosure


Optional upgrade
Input shaper



Filament SensorYes, side filament sensor and Toolhead filament sensor (built-in Hall sensor)Yes (built-in Hall sensor)
Loadcell sensor



Advanced sensorsFilament sensor, Loadcell sensor, Power panic, 4 high-precision thermistors (genuine Semitec) + fan motors RPM monitoringFilament sensor, Loadcell sensor, Power panic, 4 high-precision thermistors (genuine Semitec) + fan motors RPM monitoring

Power panic



Ethernet connection



Wi-Fi connection


Optional ESP Wi-Fi module (delivered with the printer)
Prusa LinkIntegratedIntegrated
Print mediumUSB drive / LAN / internet via Prusa ConnectUSB drive / LAN / internet via Prusa Connect

Firmware update interface

USB driveUSB drive

Kit price

1999 USD / 2099 EUR (VAT incl.)799 USD / 889 EUR (VAT incl.)

Assembled printer price

2499 USD / 2599 EUR (VAT incl.)1099 USD / 1199 EUR (VAT incl.)

The Original Prusa XL is a unique large-scale CoreXY 3D printer with a build volume of 36×36×36 cm (14.17''×14.17''×14.17'') and an optional toolchanger to operate up to 5 independent toolheads. This allows you to print massive objects quickly and with little to no waste.

      Online Assembly Manual, Power Cable (US), Handbook (EN) (change)

      Estimated leadtime 3–4 weeks

      Note that other items in the order may affect the total leadtime.

      Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDeal, Diners Club, girocard, Sofort, Trustly, DHL, FedEx, Dpd, Packeta, Zásilkovna

      Why the Original Prusa 3D Printer?

      • 1

        Great Support

        We are providing full 24/7 customer support with live chat and e-mail in several languages.

      • 2


        If you buy our 3D printer, you can upgrade it later to the new version, no need to buy a new model.

      • 3

        Ready to print settings

        In PrusaSlicer you can set everything you want. It's very easy to use and gets new features regularly.

      • 4

        Best Assembly instructions

        Pictured to the smallest detail with all fasteners and mechanical parts having 1:1 drawing.

      • 5

        Fun to Assemble

        Assembling the kit is an excellent first step to the world of 3D printing. Get fun and knowledge!

      • 6

        Quality Garanteed by Josef Prusa

        We operate 700+ printers running 24/7. We need high-quality for our own use – and we design our machines to meet these criteria.



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