Original Prusa MINI is here! Smart and compact 3D printer for everyone! Just 349 USD / 379 EUR (VAT incl.)

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Original Prusa i3

The Original Prusa I3 MK3S is the successor to the award-winning Original Prusa i3 MK2/S 3D printer. With the rebuilt extruder, a plethora of sensors and the new magnetic MK52 heatbed with replaceable PEI spring steel print sheet, we believe that we've developed our best 3D printer yet!

Buy the kit – $749 Buy the printer – $999

Original Prusa

Original Prusa SL1 3D printer is based on the MSLA printing process. Unlike Original Prusa i3 machines, this printer uses a high-resolution LCD panel and a UV LED to cure thin layers of resin to achieve an unprecedented level of detail. Curing and Washing Machine available separately.

Buy the kit – $1,399 Buy the printer – $1,699

Original Prusa

Introducing our new smart and compact 3D printer Original Prusa MINI with all the bells and whistles you would expect from the creators of the award-winning Original Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3S! With replaceable spring steel sheets and plenty of useful features, the MINI is a big printer in a compact body!

Buy the kit – $349

Original Prusa i3
Multi material

Original Prusa i3 MK3 Multi Material 2S is a completely unique consumer option allowing to print with up to 5 different materials simultaneously. The enhanced version 2S (available for MK3 and MK2.5) is much simpler than original MMU, which makes it easier to use and less sensitive to the quality of filament.

Buy the kit – $299

Prusa i3 for businesses
Built and calibrated

  • Built, calibrated, tested and with a complete warranty
  • 10% discount on subsequent orders of i3 printers and selected filaments
  • Premium support over email and live chat
  • Evaluation of your needs by our specialists prior to purchasing

Prusa i3 kit
for enthusiasts

  • Warranty on parts only
  • 5% discount on subsequent orders of selected filament
  • Support through our forum and live chat
  • Detailed and easy to follow assembly instructions as proven by thousands of users

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs 😉

Awards & Reviews

Our printers continue to collect great reviews and awards all around the world. Original Prusa i3 MK3/S is the best 3D Printer in the 2019 Ultimate Guide to Digital Fabrication by MAKE: Magazine with a score of 46 points! Our MK2/S is second and it stays on the top of the charts for three years in a row now! And the third place goes to Original Prusa i3 MK3 with Multi-Material Upgrade 2.0!


Thomas Sanladerer: The next "BIG" thing

"I think the MINI is a great machine, especially for the price. You won't find a more complete package of solid hardware, usable firmware, good documentation and great software under 400 bucks.”

All3DP: Editor's Choice

"This small and sturdy machine uses an excellent slicer, comes with a magnificent metal bed and, overall, gives you excellent print quality. It’s difficult to see how anyone could be disappointed with it.”

MAKE: First impressions

"Right out of the box, this thing is so impressive (...) You can get yourself pretty much what I consider to be a top-of-the-line performance printer for 350 USD.”

3D Printerly Review

"When we weigh up the price, performance, reliability and overall product, it is highly recommended for most people to purchase because it does things so well.”

Uncle Jessy: Initial impressions

"If you are in the market for a smaller 3D printer that prints really great things and is pretty easy to use, this is a great option for you (...) the print quality on this is so damn nice!”

io3DPrint Review

"Prusa have done all they can to pack the features of their best selling 3D printers into a smaller and cheaper package. The Mini may be small but it’s reliable, built to last and delivers excellent print quality just like it’s bigger siblings.”



"You can get under the hood and tinker with this or change that, but you don’t have to. MK3S is a printer that ‘just works’ for beginners, yet is still powerful enough for advanced use. 10/10”

CHIP (DE) review

"As the test shows, the Prusa Research Original Prusa i3 MK3S did a lot right. It is well processed, has many great features and the printing costs are very low. Especially the print quality is excellent.”

FORBES: The Best 3-D Printers of 2019

"Designers that rely on 3-D printing as part of their livelihood use Prusa printers to turn out consistent, quality results.These kits contain expertly chosen parts, with an eye on recent technological upgrades.”

All3DP MK3S Review

"We tested it using its default settings and found it extremely capable. Its print quality is truly exceptional and it’s an easy-to-use, straightforward machine.”

TechRadar Review

"If you're looking for your first 3D printer, you like to tinker, or you run a business and want a good reliable machine then look no further than the Original Prusa i3 MK3S. ”

Windows Central Review

"The team at Prusa Research have made something special with the MK3. If you only ever own one printer, make it this one. Of course, once you buy it you will want more of them, and that's ok too. ”

3D Maker Noob MK3 review

"In short. What I don't like about this printer? The rubber feet. What I like? Absolutely everything else!”


"Using this 3D printer has been a joy and an education. (...) The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is highly, thoroughly, and unreservedly recommended.”

Thomas Sanladerer: MK3 review

"MK3 - highly recommended. I'm really looking forward to everything this printer does becoming standard everywhere.”

GreatScott!: MK3 review

"With it's combination of useful new features, along with the reliability and quality of the prints, this is a 3D printer that, especially in the kit form, offers a great price-performance ratio.”

Maker's Muse: MK3 review

"The smarts, the removable print surface and dependable quality make it perfect for design and prototyping.”

3D Insider: MK3 review

"It is without a doubt the best 3D printer under $1,000 (...) It offers outstanding quality for a reasonable price and comes with a truckload of features.”



Caleb from MAKE: magazine takes a quick look at our Original Prusa SL1 and CW1. Instead of doing a regular review, he is trying to answer one simple question: 'Why would you buy anything other than the absolute cheapest SLA 3D printer?'


"The Prusa Research Original Prusa SL1 3D Printer offers pure print quality and is ideal for delicate objects. It is also convincing in terms of ergonomics and workmanship and the printing costs are at a good level."


"Original Prusa SL1 is a real plug-and-play 3D printer. (..) The whole printing process is easy and generally hassle-free, which is a lot different from typical SLA printers, that require a lot of manual tweaking. The SL1 just works.”


"The Original PRUSA SL1 is an outstanding printer, not just for the price, but for usability and quality. If you're a jeweller, high-end modeller, need to prototype or are a dentist, then the SL1 is a great solution.”

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