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3D printing for education and academic research

Join the tens of thousands of schools, universities, and other educational institutions worldwide that have adopted 3D printing! Explore the vast possibilities of this essential, state-of-the-art technology.

Students are constantly finding new ways to use a 3D printer.

At ETH Zurich, Switzerland, one of the world's most prestigious universities, 3D printers are used by students of hybrid techniques for architectural design to produce contextual models and construction details. They operate more than 90 Original Prusa 3D printers in a custom-built print farm.

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Jonathan Benhamu • Lecturer at ETH Zürrich

Prusa Education program

For all schools, universities, and other educational institutions, we offer the Prusa Education Program to help you get up to speed with 3D printing. Joining the Prusa Education Program gives you:

Join Prusa Education

Original Prusa MK4

High quality 3D prints with extensive network features

Original Prusa MK4 is built around our new 32-bit connected architecture and the next-generation extruder (Nextruder).

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Journey from CAD file to physical model made easy.

At the ZHAW, one of Switzerland's leading universities of applied sciences, students are introduced to 3D printing as an exciting intersection of technology, design, and practical application. The heart of their work is an open-source research of methods to print 90° overhangs without any supports.

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Michael Wüthrich • Senior lecturer Product Development for Mechatronical Systems and Mechanics

Original Prusa MINI+

Smart and compact 3D printer

Reliable 3D printer with advanced features and a compact footprint. Despite it's size, it's a fully-equipped 3D printer with excellent print quality.

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We employ 3D printing as much as possible.

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is using 3D printing to engage their students in various aspects of science. Although it’s a chemistry-focused university, 3D printing is used for all sorts of applications.

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RNDr. Jan Havlík, Ph.D. • assistant researcher

Database of educational projects

All members of our program have access to the database of educational projects at Projects are organized by their subject and target audience. Each project includes detailed instructions, an overview of equipment and necessary skills, and a time plan. All projects are free to download. Take a look at a few examples:

Visit the database

Original Prusa SL1S

High-precision prototyping tool

Perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints - fast! Available in a bundle with a Curing and Washing Machine.

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3D printing is beneficial, easy to get into and fun to use!

The Faculty of Transportation Sciences at Czech Technical University is conducting advanced research of material structures using 3D printers for data collection.

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prof. Ing. Ondřej Jiroušek, Ph.D. • research project leader


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