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3D Printing for Architects and Designers

A quick and affordable way to create refined models with intricate detail. Free up the time of your skilled designers and let the 3D printers do the hard work.

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We can’t imagine working without 3D printing.

The design and glass-making company Lasvit is making top-notch glass works while combining the know-how of skilled craftsmen with modern technology and cutting-edge design. And with that kind of ambition, you need a 3D printer for sure!

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Marek Noháč • Design Enginner

Original Prusa MK4

High quality 3D prints with extensive network features

Original Prusa MK4 is built around our new 32-bit connected architecture and the next-generation extruder (Nextruder).

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Professional delta kinematics 3D printer

A reliable 3D printer made with high-quality parts: A unique industry standout with a high print volume.

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700 Original Prusa 3D printers running 24/7

We operate the biggest 3D printing farm in the world to produce parts for new printers. We need reliable, efficient and high-quality 3D printers for our own use – and we design all our machines to meet these criteria.

We develop skills to produce extraordinary things.

Jonathan Benhamu, lecturer at ETH Zurich, is one of the leading personalities in the field of using 3D printing in architecture. His current project is the learning platform 3Djony, which helps architects get started with 3D printing.

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Jonathan Benhamu • Lecturer at ETH Zürrich, founder of 3Djony

Original Prusa SL1S

High-precision prototyping tool

Perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints - fast! Available in a bundle with a Curing and Washing Machine.

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Original Prusa XL

Large-scale CoreXY 3D printer

3D printer with advanced features and technologies. Best for high volume models, multi-material printing and prototypes.

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It all started with just one single Original Prusa machine.

Pir Arkam and his company Proto21 are one of the leading 3D Printing service bureaus in the MENA region – and their main technologies are Original Prusa 3D printers. Welcome to THE prototyping workshop of the 21st century!

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Pir Arkam • Founder & CEO

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  • 3D printed kinetic sculpture Fluidum

    This kinetic sculpture composed of 85 robotically controlled mirrors represents a vertical water surface. Arranged in a geometric pattern, the mirrors hypnotically ripple, morph and transform the viewer's reflection and thoughts.

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  • The world's first fully custom 3D printed cycling saddle

    Prototyped on Original Prusa printers, the startup named Posedla is creating customized bike fit to the next level with their new custom 3D-printed carbon saddles.

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  • Archviz of the Prague Aiport reconsctruction

    This model of the Prague Airport shows different stages of reconstruction, which should be completed by 2035. It was printed on the Original Prusa i3 MK3S and the Original Prusa SL1 printers.

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We are on the verge of a 3D printing revolution!

What turntable should you buy? Which one is the best for you? Two Englishmen will gladly help you with that – meet Kiran Pearce and Charlie Ransford, inventors of a turntable that can be printed on a 3D printer and assembled at home!

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Kiran Pierce • Co-Founder

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