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3D Printing for Automotive Industry

Modern-day automotive faces many challenges - from broken supply chains to rapid technology development and changes. 3D printing brings the necessary efficiency and flexibility.

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3D printing helped change our way of thinking.

Škoda Auto is not only a symbol of Czech industry but also a leader in the field of innovations and introducing new technologies. Among them is the use of 3D printing in production.

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Jana Polášek Filová • Expert Coordinator for Digitisation and Innovation in Production and Logistics

Desktop printers

or industrial solutions?

Before spending the budget on a single industrial printer, consider buying multiple compact machines instead. Smaller build volume is not necessarily an issue, and also, even the desktop printers are capable of printing most of the advanced materials, like polycarbonate, nylon, or ASA. Our printers offer professional quality for a hobbyist price tag! Consider the other advantages too:

We can draw something up and get it made within two hours.

Driftworks is a custom car part shop based in Birmingham, Great Britain. As the name hints, their main focus is drifting: that crazy style of driving when you deliberately oversteer your car until you enter the curves sideways in clouds of blue smoke.

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Rich Starkey • Sales Manager

Original Prusa MK4

High quality 3D prints with extensive network features

Original Prusa MK4 is built around our new 32-bit connected architecture and the next-generation extruder (Nextruder).

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Original Prusa MK3S+

3D print farm workhorse

Award-winning FDM desktop 3D printer with more than 150 000 units sold worldwide. Extremely capable 3D printer for any task.

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TRILAB AzteQ Industrial

Industrial printer for advanced materials

Delta 3D printer with a closed actively heated chamber. Designed for high-volume printing utilizing mechanically resistant materials.

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Original Prusa SL1S

High-precision prototyping tool

Perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints - fast! Available in a bundle with a Curing and Washing Machine.

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Original Prusa XL

Large-scale CoreXY 3D printer

Brand new 3D printer with advanced features and technologies. Best for high volume models and prototypes.

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Professional delta kinematics 3D printer

A reliable 3D printer made with high-quality parts: A unique industry standout with a high print volume.

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Prusa Pro AFS

Automated Farm System

Modular automated 3D printing farm featuring new Original Prusa CoreXY 3D printers for small and large businesses.

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To have something just on paper can only take you so far.

Ladi and Margaret make custom electric bikes and build the best travel vans you can imagine. They share their ideas and know-how through social networks and YouTube videos and they also sell complex manuals, various tutorials, and 3D printable models.

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Ladislav Ječmínek • Creator

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  • Printed replacement parts at Ford

    Ford grew tired of experiencing the delays and downtime resulting from expensive and hard-to-get replacement parts. With Original Prusa 3D printers, they produce fixtures and other tools, saving hundreds of thousands of USD.

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  • Volvo Trucks 3D prints tools and fixtures

    Volvo Trucks has been using 3D printing for various parts of its production process, applying the technology to tools, jigs, fixtures and a lot more. In particular, 3D printing has become a staple of their New River Valley (NRV) plant, the hub for their manufacturing activities in America.

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  • Ford releases CAD files for printable accessories

    Car manufacturer Ford has officially released a set of CAD files enabling customers to 3D print their own accessories for their Maverick pickup truck: Cup holders, shopping bag hooks, phone holders, and more.

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