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Prusament Resin Model Alabaster White 1kg


Prusament Resin Model

Prusament Resin Model is a high-quality resin developed with a strong emphasis on both user safety and print quality. It offers exceptionally short exposure times, sharp details, low shrinkage, and perfect platform adhesion coupled with high printing performance and reliability. Our unique formula also minimizes unpleasant odors and potential health risks. These qualities make the Model resin a perfect choice for a wide range of use cases from hobby printing, educational projects, art, design, high-end industrial prototyping, or dental models.

Basic Attributes

Stiff mechanical propertiesYellowing of parts after prolonged post-curing (dissapears with elevated temperature and over time)
Perfect platform adhesionThe uncured resin might pose a health risk
Short exposure timeNon-recyclable material
High resolution  
Washing ease  
Low shrinkage  
Low viscosity  
Low odor  
Low health hazard (cured parts are non-cytotoxic and non-skin irritant)  
Acryloylmorpholine free  
Does not contain Bisphenol A  
TPO free  

Examples of use

Rapid prototyping

The main advantages of the Prusament Resin Model are rapid, high resolution, and reliable printing process yielding parts with perfect platform adhesion, stiff mechanical properties, low shrinkage, and aestheticity suited parts for industrial rapid prototyping.

Model & hobby

Scale modelers, miniature painters, or tabletop gamers appreciate not only the sharp details, rate of printing, and ease of handling but also the low odor and health risks, making the resin more suitable for home and hobby use.

Dental models

The visual and mechanical properties of the Model series were tuned to meet the requirements of dental and stomatology applications. Even the most intricate details are sharp and perfectly visible thanks to the resolution capabilities and opacity of the resin. Alabaster White, Solid Grey, and Neutral Beige resins are especially suited not only for dental model applications but also for thermoforming bracelets and heat-shaping orthodontic models.

Casting molds

The Prusament Resin Model can be used for making various casting molds. You can either print a master model to make a mold from it or you can print the mold itself, for example for casting silicone. Standard post-processing procedure (washing and curing) is sufficient to obtain molds for silicone casting without inhibition effect on silicon curing.

Education models

The resin is also suitable for educational models in various fields of science, from archeology to zoology.

Art & design

Our resin is able to render the most intricate structures, making it an excellent choice for jewelry making and other art designs.

Printing with the Original Prusa SL1S SPEED

While Prusament Resin is perfectly usable with third-party MSLA 3D printers, it was tailor-made for the Original Prusa SL1S SPEED, and this combination offers the best results in the shortest possible print time! Thanks to the monochromatic display, strong UV light source, and fast tilt mechanism, it’s possible to print with a layer exposure as short as 2 seconds (Model Solid Grey, 0.025mm layer height).

Resin de-yellowing

When printing this resin, you may notice a more or less significant yellowing effect after curing your models. However, the yellowing is a partly reversible process and with just a little help, it can be easily minimized. All you need to do is wait long enough or warm the model for several hours. You can learn the whole de-yellowing process in our dedicated article.

Safety precautions and manipulation with resin

Before you start using Prusament Resin, don’t forget to read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) uploaded at Here, we sum up only a few tips that might make your life with resin a little easier. ;-)

  1. Always remember that despite our hardest efforts, all liquid resins still might pose a health risk. Use protective equipment, especially gloves, every time you work with resin. Prevent contact with skin, eyes, and mouth.
  2. Accidents happen even to the most experienced users. If resin gets on your printer, table, or anything else, don’t wait and clean it immediately with paper towels and isopropyl alcohol (IPA), before it gets cured by the daylight.
  3. Strangely enough, there is not much information available about waste disposal and recycling 3D printed products. Let’s sum up how we deal with resin waste: Uncured resin leftovers should be disposed of with other dangerous chemicals at places designated for it. It cannot be recycled and definitely should not end in general waste.

The same rule applies to bottles, paper towels, and models stained with liquid (uncured) resin. However, cured resin (reactoplastic material) is, unlike filaments (thermoplastic material), a non-recyclable material - it belongs in the general waste.

Would you like to know more about the parameters of Prusament Resin? Don’t forget to see our resin section at We believe that our resin will help you to make nice and amazing prints. We’re looking forward to seeing your great ideas.

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