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POLYLIGHT 1.0 – LW PLA Light Gray 1kg

Presenting the PolyLight 1.0 – The active foaming lightweight LW-PLA material. Depending on hotend temperature, the material increases its volume more than twice during extrusion resulting in very lightweight parts. Suitable especially for smaller models and parts where strength is not so critical


Great for LW Planes or weight reduction of any model

PolyLight 1.0 is recommended especially for our LW Planes models designed to be printed in single-pass (vase) mode with reduced travel moves but used wisely it can also be used as a complement to the PolyAir to improve the wing loading of any of our models. For example, every gram saved on tail parts counts more than twice in the need to balance the model improving weight distribution.


Since the filament foams up when being printed, a single spool lasts for more than twice the amount of parts in volume, compared to non-foaming filaments. Lowered wing loading results in lower stall speed and impact energy when things go sideways. That means the model is less prone to damage and it actually saves costs.

Suitable for painting

We chose to make the material in light grey colour, that’s the most universal base colour for painting. Models printed in light grey are not translucent and therefore it’s easier to create a good-looking scale paint job. Parts can be easily sanded to make a nice surface finish.

High quality and eco friendly

The filament is produced from premium ingredients, with tight tolerances on our automated production line and comes in a resealable bag for convenient use. Spools are made from recycled plastic waste.

Printing Setup

 visit 3DLabPrint for FAQ
Nozzle 210 - 250 °C
Heatbed 55 - 60 °C

For optimal printing download the config bundle or turn to the material datasheet

Basic Attributes

Reduced weight by 65% Less stiff than PLA
Increased volume by 270% Lower glass transition temperature
Cost effective Oozing during travel moves
Strong inter-layer adhesion Prone to stringing
Heat activated foaming    
Easy to glue with CA    
Less visible layers    


  • Material: 3DLabPrint PolyLight 1.0 LW-PLA
  • Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.05 mm
  • Filament length ~ 335 m
  • Foaming factor: 1-3x depending on the temperature and speed
  • Glass transition temp: 55°C
  • LW PLA print profile is not included in PrusaSlicer, please download the Config bundle


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