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ColorFabb StoneFill Red Brick filament 750g

ColorFabb StoneFill

ColorFabb’s fully bio-based formulation of stoneFill mimics stone surfaces really well. The key difference with many other filaments is that this particular does not use “stone powder” which makes this filament easy to work with and - printing with it is completely effortless.

ColorFabb has created a unique combination of fillers to create a speckled surface finish on your 3D prints. Top surfaces and walls blend into each other, showing very similar surface qualities. Your 3D prints will look more appealing and attractive thanks to a matte surface finish and barely visible layer lines.

Printing Setup

Nozzle 195-220 °C
Heatbed 50-60 °C
Recommended Steel Sheet Smooth PEI

Basic Attributes

Realistic stone look Not as heavy as stone
Top surfaces and walls look nearly identical Requires drying from time to time to reduce stringing and oozing
Matt finish    
Layer lines are almost invisible    
No stone dust in the formulation = easy to print    


  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
  • Glass transition temperature: 55 °C
  • Spool weight: 750g


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