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ColorFabb XT Clear filament 750g

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ColorFabb XT filament is produced from Amphora™ 3D Polymer by Eastman Chemical Company by colorFabb.

General purpose, odor-free and temperature resistant, Colorfabb XT represents a favorite choice of many users. Objects printed using this filament can withstand temperatures up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, as opposed to PLA (50-70°C).

ColorFabb XT is very sturdy, offering high strength and very high toughness, which makes it perfect for bridging and closing large gaps. Also, there are no drooping or strands of plastic left hanging from the layer you just closed.

Even though ColorFabb XT is classified as FDA food-contact compliant, and the material on its own is food safe, we do not suggest to repeatedly drink or eat from your 3D prints. Because of the small fractures on the print surface, bacteria can build up in there over time. You can prevent this by applying a food-safe coating.

Printing Setup

Nozzle 240-260 °C
Heatbed 50-70 °C *

*Coat the print bed with the glue stick for best print adhesion.

Basic Attributes

More durable than PLA

A little bit worse at overhangs

High-temperature resistance (up to 80°C)


FDA food-contact compliant


High strength and toughness



Length of the filament (approximate): 250 m

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with the precision of +- 0.05 mm

We reserve the right to ship weights +/- 5% due to packaging variations.

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean as described in 3D Printing Handbook.

Smooth PEI surface preparation! Make sure to apply Kores glue on the smooth PEI before printing. Glue serves as a separating agent and helps to protect the surface when removing the finished print from getting damage. Without the glue, the filament adhesion may be too strong!


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