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ColorFabb Bronzefill filament 750g


Is it for me?

Bronzefill is on its base just a regular PLA. But the addition of metallic powder allows for really interesting looks. Your prints will look interesting even without post-processing with a distinct matte look. But the really interesting thing is that you can polish these prints and mimic a shiny metallic look. Please use corresponding print settings in PrusaSlicer as print parameters can be very different depending on the plastic base.

It’s important to note that the metal particles inside the filament can be very abrasive for a regular brass nozzle. If you plan to print just a tiny model, you don’t have to switch the nozzle, but for anything bigger, it’s better to switch to a hardened steel nozzle.

The first step in polishing is sanding. It’s a good idea to start with a coarse grit size (80) and slowly move up the grit table. After sanding a big improvement in polish can be achieved with steel wool or brass brush. If you’re still not happy with the finish, you can try wet sanding with a very fine grit (1500).

Printing Setup

Nozzle190-210 °C
Heatbed50-70 °C *

larger object means higher temperature

Basic Attributes

Easy to print

No warping

Great look after post-processing

Needs hardened nozzle


This filament is produced by colorFabb.

Length of the filament: 80 m

We suggest to use hardened steel nozzle with this filament. 

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with precision of +- 0.05 mm

We reserve the right to ship weights +/- 5% due to packaging variations.

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean as described in 3D Printing Handbook

In stock

Preparation time: 1-3 business days.


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