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Basics of Product Photography

The course is available in English, Czech, Polish, and German language.

The course follows this simple path:

  • Introduce the basic terminology and definitions,
  • compare the various stats and features of cameras and smartphones,
  • print and prepare the models for shooting, including a choice of colors,
  • setting up the right background and composition,
  • properly illuminating the scene,
  • and finally, retouching, postprocessing, and exporting the photos.

Approximate total time: about 2-3 hours (more if you actively practice the newly learned things as you go along - which is recommended).


Each course contains quizzes to help you check your newly gained knowledge along the way. If you pass them all successfully, you will get a nice certificate with your name. Enjoy all the prestige, bragging rights, and new job opportunities that come with it! 🙂


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The course is suitable for total beginners. It explains all the basic photography concepts (exposure, depth of focus, white balance, etc.) and provides various tips and guidelines on how to make a nice visual presentation of not just your 3D prints, but just about any other still life subjects. The course is suitable for smartphone and camera users alike and requires no specific expensive gear or software. The main goal is to show that product photography is mostly about following a few basic principles in practice, and doesn’t require long study or any special talents

In a moment after the purchase, you will get a confirmation email with a link. No extra registration is needed - you are already logged in with your Prusa Account credentials. The whole content of each course is unlocked right from the beginning.

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