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TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic

Get an extra printhead with a hardened nozzle for free when purchasing any TRILAB printer!

Since 2021, TRILAB professional delta 3D printers are a part of Prusa Research.

Delta printer for excellent quality prints without material and space compromises. The AzteQ Dynamic printer is guaranteed to facilitate high-volume printing from the most commonly used printing materials such as PLA and PETG/CPE, as well as from currently emerging composite materials such as PA-CF and PC-CF.

The package includes a PrintPad with a powdered PEI surface and an E3D Volcano print head with a 0.4 mm brass nozzle.

After purchasing a TRILAB delta 3D printer, we will guide you remotely through the initial setup and you'll also get 1 year of support.

Are you considering TRILAB 3D printer for your business, university or maker space? We are ready to assist you throughout the whole buying and information gathering process. Just ask for price quote.

Alternatively we also offer the internally heated Trilab AzteQ Industrial.

TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic:
Large-format printing of versatile materials and composites

The TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic professional delta printer is the ideal workhorse for high-volume printing of PLA, PETG, PA-CF or PC-CF and meets the requirements of customers who appreciate the versatility of the AzteQ series, superior surface quality, high print volume but do not require an actively heated print chamber. Automatic strain gauge calibration and remote management options surprise again and again with each print.

6 reasons of why to choose an AzteQ Dynamic

1. Accuracy of delta kinematics

In addition to their printing speed, the main advantages of delta printers are their high spatial accuracy and superior printing surface quality. The minimum of moving components of the printer also brings a significant reduction in necessary service interventions resulting from wear and tear on stressed parts.

2. Calibration by touch

An advanced printer calibration concept that uses the printhead nozzle directly for probing is accurate and simple. In addition, the complete printer calibration is so fast that it is automatically performed before each print job.

3. Swappable printheads

Select a specific printhead configuration for a specific material and printing speed. Simply attach the selected printhead to the magnets and the AzteQ will automatically perform full printer calibration on its own. The printheads are also compatible across the entire AzteQ product line.

4. High speed for high volume printing

With AzteQ, the model is always statically positioned on the PrintPad and the lightweight printhead without an extruder will not only surprise you with its moving speed but also with its printing capacity.

5. Robust frame and large print volume

With a maximum print diameter of 300 mm and a height of 400 mm, this large print volume enables ambitious projects such as industrial production jigs, fixtures, prototypes or limited series production.

6. Remote printer management

With integrated lighting, a built-in camera and remote access from anywhere, you have 100% control of the printer. Now you can print for days without worries or let our technicians check your AzteQ quickly and safely.

Meeting the needs of automotive, manufacturing or medical industries

Swappable magnetic PrintHead

Depending on the application, you can choose the most suitable configuration of the magnetically attached printhead. You can combine E3D V6, Volcano or SuperVolcano hotends with specific nozzle types and dimensions. In addition, each printhead is equipped with an auto-calibration strain gauge to ensure a truly perfect first layer.

Magnatic print head

Large print volume

AzteQ was built as a high-volume delta 3D printer. The maximum print size for the AzteQ Industrial model is 300 mm in diameter and 400 mm in height.

Internal camera

For long prints, you don't need to be near the machine to check up on it. Thanks to the internal camera and remote management, you are always in control of the 3D printer, no matter where you are.

Sophisticated delta kinematic motion

The printhead is supported by extremely light & rigid carbon arms, mounted on strong magnets similar to the head itself. Together with the state-of-the-art THK linear guide, delta kinematics ensures fast, precise and repeatable movements that yields perfect print output.

Flexible & swappable PrintPads

A flexible PrintPad allows you to easily remove the model after printing and is the first step in automating additive production. In addition, the wide range of PrintPad surface variants ensures optimal adhesion with the individual types of printing materials used.

Printing fixtures for production or prototyping

AzteQ Dynamic can print all major types of FDM print materials. It is designed for high-volume processing of versatile and easy-to-print materials such as PLA, PETG and CPE, but can also handle composite materials such as PA-CF or PC-CF very well.


Versatile and composite materials

Models made of PLA, PETG, CPE, composite nylon or carbon fiber polycarbonate are printed easily and with superior surface quality using the AzteQ Dynamic.

Larger and more complex models

Larger and more complex models are often printed by AzteQ Dynamic with little or no support.

printer control

A printer under your supervision

Operate the printer as you see fit. Using the wireless DeltaControl display located on the docking station, securely in your hand or from the WebControl web interface via your PC or Mac. All this both locally (Wifi / LAN) and via secure remote access.

Multi-day prints always under control

Thanks to the lighting of the print chamber, the integrated camera, the connectable external USB webcam in combination with the remote connection, you’ll always be in control. You can print for days without worries or allow your AzteQ to be checked quickly and safely by our technicians.

AzteQ Industrial printer

Technical Specifications

Printer Specifications

Additive technology Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM); Delta kinematics
Print volume Ø 300 mm (X, Y) × 400 mm (Z)
PrintHead Lightweight printhead attached using magnets; connectors for easy replacement of the entire head; E3D V6 Volcano hotend; Dedicated printheads that are specifically designed for individual materials
Extruder E3D Titan extruder positioned in the AzteQ Hub; the bowden filament guide attaches to the printhead
Print bed Massive, 8 mm thick aluminum heated bed; Integrated magnets that hold the PrintPad sheets
PrintPads Flexible & swappable PrintPads sheets;
Powder PEI surface PrintPad
Print chamber Open print volume without active chamber heating;
An acrylic door panel is available as an optional accessory

Please also note the alternative product AzteQ Industrial with insulated and actively heated print chamber up to 80 ° C, set of sensors and electronics to maintain the chamber temperature and isolated and cooled electronics.
Electronics 32bit Duet primary electronics to control prints;
TRILAB secondary electronics for printer;
connection with advanced features
Controls and interfaces Wireless 6.5 "DeltaControl” in-hand display or the AzteQ Hub charging station located directly on the frame
Connections 3× USB port for WiFi/LAN module, USB flash drive, TRILAB QuadPrint webcam or extension
Print monitoring An LED color indicator on the AzteQ Hub allowing for a visual status check of the printer;
Upper integrated camera ;
Adjustable LED lighting of the printing space
Supported input formats STL/gcode; Primarily supported: PrusaSlicer
Operating printer temperature Recommended printer operating temperature is 20 - 32 ° C (68 - 90 ° F), storage temperature 0 - 32 ° C (32 - 90 ° F)
Dimensions and printer weight 590×520×1050 mm (X×Y×Z)/ 36 kg
Package dimensions and weight AzteQ: 60×60×120 cm (WxDxH)/ 55 kg (w/o pallet)

Power supply

220-240VAC input; 10A; 50-60Hz
100-120VAC input; 20A; 50-60Hz

Print output

X and Y axis resolution Depending on the nozzle used 0.25 - 1.2 mm; standard 0.4 mm
Z - axis resolution Minimum layer height 50 µm; maximum according to the nozzle
Maximum chamber temperature

Ambient temperature printing without active chamber heating.

Maximum nozzle temperature 300°C
Maximum bed temperature 105 °C


Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Compatible materials PLA, PETG, CPE, ABS, ASA, PETG-CF, PC-CF, PA-CF, PA-GF


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