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Prusament ASA Sapphire Blue 850g


What can you expect?

Prusament ASA is our own in-house made filament. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested - we guarantee ±0.04mm precision and highly-consistent colors. You can inspect the parameters of every spool we made at Check the sample spool!

Prusament extrusion line

Manufactured In-House By Josef Prusa

We were not satisfied with the quality of filaments on the market. So we decided to make our own! Prusa Research is the only 3D printer manufacturer with its own filament production.

Prusament polymer granulate

Premium-Grade Materials And Thorough Testing

The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested – string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties – to make sure that every spool is perfect.

Laser device for measuring Prusament quality and tolerance

± 0.04 mm Manufacturing Guaranteed Precision

We guarantee ±0.04mm precision and highly-consistent colors in our filaments.
Prusament quality specs on

High Quality You Can Check Yourself

We are the only manufacturer that gives the option to inspect parameters of every filament spool. Scan a QR code on the spool to see all details online (check the sample spool).


Read more about Prusament in general in the article at and about Prusament ASA in this article. Or just visit!

About ASA

ASA is a technical material with properties similar to ABS but better in several ways. Compared to ABS, it’s UV stable, it doesn’t suffer from shrinking so badly and the fumes produced are much less noticeable. ASA 3D prints are durable, tough and suitable for a wide range of applications. ASA comes with much better high-temperature resistance than other common materials, such as PLA or PETG. It shows no signs of deformation up to temperatures near 93 °C. Thanks to all these properties, ASA is especially suitable for printing objects meant for long-time outside use.

Printing Setup

Nozzle260±5 °C
Heatbed110±5 °C
Recommended print sheetSatin
Before printing, learn about print surface preparation in our dedicated article and material table.

Basic Attributes

Great for outside use – UV stable
Good high-temperature resistance
Detailed prints without a stringing effect
Can be smoothed with acetone vapors
Can be easily sanded / post-processed
Good mechanical resistance
Large models have a tendency to warp
Produces a slight odor of burned plastic during printing (less than ABS)

Contains styrene

Contains styrene (potentially harmful fumes)
Slightly hygroscopic (absorbs moisture)

Beginners tips & tricks

You may encounter some issues related to shrinking (warping) of the material – especially when printing larger models. This effect is much less severe compared to ABS but still, even with the heatbed set to 110°C, the prints can shrink and warp, causing them to detach from the print bed. This issue can be eliminated by printing inside an enclosure (for example our Prusa Enclosure) or by adding a draft shield around the object.

It’s important to run the prints in a well-ventilated room because the material releases fumes and substances that could pose a potential health risk. When ventilating the room, do not create a draft around the print – this will negatively impact the result.

You can find more details about printing with ASA in our in-depth article.


This ASA is made in-house by Prusa Research.

Starting from May 2024, all Prusament ASA spools have a tolerance of +- 0.04 mm instead of 0.03 due to changes to the manufacturing process.

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean as described in 3D Printing Handbook.

To dry the filament, please follow the instructions in our article.
In stock

Preparation time: 1-3 business days.


Why the Original Prusa 3D Printer?

  • 1

    Great Support

    We are providing full 24/7 customer support with live chat and e-mail in several languages.

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    If you buy our 3D printer, you can upgrade it later to the new version, no need to buy a new model.

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    Ready to print settings

    In PrusaSlicer you can set everything you want. It's very easy to use and gets new features regularly.

  • 4

    Best Assembly instructions

    Pictured to the smallest detail with all fasteners and mechanical parts having 1:1 drawing.

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    Fun to Assemble

    Assembling the kit is an excellent first step to the world of 3D printing. Get fun and knowledge!

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    Quality Garanteed by Josef Prusa

    We operate 700+ printers running 24/7. We need high-quality for our own use – and we design our machines to meet these criteria.



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