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An extra plastic part for your 3D printer (injection molded).

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An extra plastic part for your 3D printer (injection molded).


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Wangenheim Bodo
Wangenheim Bodolast month

Side spike with bayonet mount Compatible for holding arm Enclousure (cabin). Unfortunately not (yet) individually sellable! Tip: In each corner of the cabin you can store a coil and keep dry ready for use. 8pcs! One has the supply in view, it looks good and in addition they act sound-absorbing-deadening!

Luffman Bryce
Luffman Brycelast month

Excellent spool holder for its simplicity; it just works for general spool sizes. Never had any trouble w/ it on MK3S+. Looking to buy second one to mount via mod to shelf above my Mini+ b/c this is more reliable/flexible than the Mini's included spool holder and the mini's stand mod horizontal spool solution.

Daniele Joseph6 months ago

Creates black residue from friction w/ spools, suggest replacing this part first thing to avoid black bits getting into prints, onto x-axis smooth rod

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