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Resin tank - SL1S

This product is the Resin tank replacement for the Original Prusa SL1S. All of the parts of the Resin tank come disassembled.

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This product includes:

  • Resin tank cover (1 pcs)
  • Resin tank (1 pcs)
  • Resin tank frame (1 pcs)
  • SL1S FEP film (1 pcs)
  • Screws: 2,5x8 Torx (22 pcs)

To replace the part/s, please consult our Assembly Manuals. Make sure to follow the manual for your printer model.


11 reviews
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Ruiz Albertolast year

Great vat, lightweight and affordable. Assembly is a PAIN since the vat is not "tapped" and the provided screws are not really self-tapping. The provided torx allen key (on the SL1S) barely did the job. Took me almost an hour to properly assemble it. Once FEP needs to be replaced it should be a lot easier since the vat is now "tapped" after the first assembly.

Smith Noahlast year

These work great and are high quality. I love the stackable lids. However, pouring the resin out is always a huge mess. Maybe I don't have the technique down, but my other vats have a nice cutout to make pouring easier.

Ng Jiunn Shyan9 months ago

i have been using the SL1S for few months the only thing i do not like is this resin tank. It can be done better. The process to change the vat is very difficult especially the screw is easily spoiled and i have to use other tools to remove the spoiled screw, after sometime the tank also damage in a certain way and cause a very minor leaking and i will need to buy a new one to replace it. i hope prusa would look into this issue and come out a better resin tank.

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