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Original Prusa T-shirt - MK3S+ Blueprint

"What kind of 3D printer do you have? What parts does it have? What is the size of the build volume?" If you keep answering these questions over and over again, we have a solution for you! Get the MK3S+ blueprint t-shirt and let it answer all these questions for you!

Are you a proud owner of the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+? Let everyone know with this stylish Prusa t-shirt! The blueprint of the MK3S+ brings a nice color variety to our usual black-orange combo and what's more: we picked a super comfy material!
How to choose your t-shirt size:
Take one of your well-fitting shirts and lay it flat on a tabletop. Now measure the width from seam to seam about 2.5 cm (1 inch) below the sleeves; this will give you the half chest measurement that you can compare to the size conversion table. Note; the size selector is in the EU standard.

Material: 100% cotton

Quality: 180 g/m2 

Fit: Medium fit 
Be sure to check the size table! This specific t-shirt has a slightly different sizing compared to others! We suggest ordering at least one size larger than you might be used to.

Size conversion table

Half Chest (cm / in)

EU (Shop) US
49 / 19.3 S XS
52 / 20.5 M S
55 / 21.7 L M
58 / 22.8 XL L
61 / 24 XXL XL
64 / 25.2 XXXL XXL


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