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An extra plastic part for your 3D printer from Prusament ASA.

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An extra plastic part for your 3D printer from Prusament ASA.


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I ordered a 10 pack of these since they appear to be an expendable item. But they are missfit enough to be useless. Unfortunately they almost fit, but not quite. First problem is that the slot for the trapped nut is about .4mm too narrow, so I make a pocket for the nut in an alu scrap, and cut the nut down to about 1.85mm thick with a CBN wheel. Then it enter the slot with difficulty but will not seat deep enough to line up the bolthole, so a bolt won't even start to thread into the nut. Using the SS bolt, when it did finally catch, it galled and froze in the nut about 3 turns in. Find a zinc plated steel bolt and another nozzle and thinned nut, it can get the bolt in when loose, but put it on the bottom of the head and it cannot be driven in far enough to get the bolt started in the nut. Also it doesn't go in far enough to allow either bolt of the part fan to find its hole and nut. Miss fits by about 2mm. I have also printed one of these on a biqu hx, but now I'll have to make more thin nuts before I can try mine. This fits so tight in the rest of the print head that I hope I can get it back out. I'd like to have parts that actually fit this MK3S+ kit. Including nuts that actually fit this part. Can that be done? [email protected]

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