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Fillamentum CPE HG100 Black Soul 750g

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Fillamentum CPE (co-polyester) is a high-technical material for the FFF (also known as FDM) 3D printing technology. Engineered for quality and easy printing with features that will dwarf all PET based materials.

CPE (co-polyester)  is a tough material with high impact resistance and tensile strength. It’s especially suitable for printing mechanical parts and functional prototypes. Similarly to PETG, it doesn’t warp or produce unpleasant smell during printing. It’s chemical resistant and the layer adhesion is excellent.

CPE is also 100% recyclable material, BPA free and environmentally friendly. When printing thin layers, it also offers great transparency. And one more thing - parts can withstand temperatures up to 80 °C.

Important notice for the mk3 users

Before you start printing CPE, turn off the filament sensor. You can do it in LCD Menu - Settings - Fil. sensor [on/off].

Setup di stampa

Nozzle 255-275 °C
Heatbed 70-80 °C


High impact resistance No vapor smoothing with acetone
High tensile strength More abrasive than standard PETG
Enviromentally friendly    
Great chemical resistance    
Great layer adhesion    


This CPE is made in the Czech Republic by Fillamentum.

Approximity length of filament: 254 m

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with precision of +- 0.05 mm

We reserve the right to ship weights +/- 5% due to packaging variations.

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean as described in 3D Printing Handbook.

Smooth PEI surface preparation! Make sure to apply Kores glue on the smooth PEI before printing. Glue serves as a separating agent and helps to protect the surface when removing the finished print from getting damage. Without the glue, the filament adhesion may be too strong!


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