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Spare Parts Bundle (XL Multi-Tool)

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This product includes:

  • 2x assembled hotend with 0,4mm nozzle (hotend block, heater, thermisor, 0,4mm Prusa nozzle brass)
  • 2x assembled hotend heatsink (heatsink, loadcell, filament sensor)
  • 2x hotend fan and 2x part cooling fan
  • Heatbed tile
  • 2x Heatbed tile cable
  • 2x side filament sensor assembled (left and right)
  • 2x side filament sensor cable
  • Filament sensor accessories (6x collet, 6x 45mm PTFE tube)
  • Multi tool accessories (callibration pin, 5x silicon band for parking plate, 2x cable clip stopper)
  • 2x cable support
  • 2x PTFE tube 1275mm
  • 3x Prusa Nextruder Sock
  • Various screws and nuts
  • Prusa lubricant
  • Zip ties 20pcs
  • Cleaning needle and IPA pad


To replace the part/s, please consult our Assembly Manuals. Make sure to follow the manual for your printer model.

A convenient set of spare parts and extra fasteners for maintenance and easy repairs of the Original Prusa XL (Dual-Head or Five-Head) 3D printer.
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Preparation time: 1-3 business days.