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Pro3dure Printodent GR-13 LCD model 1kg beige



    In cooperation with resin manufacturer pro3dure, we have developed and certified workflows for several dental applications requiring biocompatibility. This process ensures that biocompatible materials are processed correctly and will not cause harm to patients. These resins are certified for Original Prusa Medical One SLA printer.

    pro3dure´s printodent® GR-13 model is a 3D printing resin for the generative fabrication of dental models. The material is available as printodent® GR-13 model for restorative dental models and as printodent® GR-13.1 / printodent® GR-13.2 model for orthodontic applications. All resins are characterized by high dimensional stability and the optimized look and feel for dental applications. Due to colorant and opacity the important features like margin lines are becoming perfectly visual. Moreover, the implementation of 3D printed models into your digital workflow is supported. Dental models from the GR-13 series can be used effectively in thermoforming processes due to their thermal stability.
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