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Bluecast X-One V2 0,5kg



BlueCast X-One V2 is the second generation of the premium castable resin developed and produced by BlueCast. It is suitable for DLP and Monochromatic LCD printers, and it offers excellent printability, fine detail, and 0% shrinkage. The X-One V2 is suitable for casting any kind of pattern with text, engravings, micropavè, etc. Part of the resin mixture is wax which gives the resin its unique properties: the resin melts when heated and then burns like paraffin. This helps the perfect and short burnout at low temperatures without leaving ash in the hollowed areas. The unusual resin composition makes it possible to be post-cured in alcohol with no need for a UV curing station.

Pros and Cons

High resolution
Easy postprocessing
Full burnout with no ash residue
0% shrinkage
Resin preheat is necessary
Larger number of supports may be necessary
Small parts are more fragile due to the wax content

Casting Properties

BlueCast X-One V2 gets completely burned out at 650 °C or 1202 °F. However, the manufacturer recommends using a last-stage temperature of 700 °C or 1292 °F.

This version allows you to make the ultra-fast burnout (2 hours at 700 °C). Allow the flask to rest for 3 hours, then proceed to 700°C (1290°F) and maintain that temperature for 60 to 90 minutes. Reduce the temperature to your casting temperature and hold for 60 minutes before casting as usual.

X-One V2 upgrades:

  • Improved resolution, especially for the new 12k printers. Better accuracy and reduced bleeding.
  • Enhanced printability, particularly for DLP technology (no need for additives).
  • Increased stability at low temperatures.
  • Improved meltability for micro-details and engravings.

Read more about how to use the X-One resin (older V1 version) and its applications in our older article.

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Preparation time: 1-3 business days.




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