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Basic Board and PSU for Original Prusa Enclosure (for Filtration unit and LED)

This is a set of the Basic Board and Power Supply Unit that is required for certain Original Prusa Enclosure add-ons, such as the Advanced Filtration System and White LED strip. Please note that this spare part is designed only for the Original Prusa Enclosure and official accessories.

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The Basic Board and the power supply unit (PSU) is an official add-on pack for the Original Prusa Enclosure which needs to be installed if you want to install other add-ons, such as the Advanced Filtration System and White LED Strip. The Basic Board provides basic functionality for the Enclosure’s electronics. Please read the description of each add-on to learn whether the Basic Board is required.

To run the Advanced Filtration System and the White LED Strip at the same time, only one Basic Board with PSU is required (both add-ons can be connected to a single board), so you don’t need to buy the Basic Board for every single add-on separately.

The guide for Basic Board and PSU is part of the guide for Advanced Filtration System or White LED Strip Add-ons.

Package includes:
  • Enclosure Basic Board (1 pc)
  • Power supply (1 pc)
  • Power cord Y-splitter (1 pc)
  • Basic Board Cover (1 pc)


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