Open-source face shields anyone with a 3D printer can help producing. Join the community-driven effort to help professionals in your area.

In reaction to the acute shortage of protective wear for medical personnel in the current pandemic situation, we have quickly developed and started to mass-produce protective face shields. We have already printed and donated over 12.000 shields to medics and other professionals in the Czech Republic and we have requests for 90.000 more.

But the shortage is global and everyone with a 3D printer can help! 3D printing communities across the world became a massive driving force in the effort to produce protective wear for those, who need it the most.

This is why the design of the shields is fully open-source, anyone can produce it and/or modify it. Also, the shields are made from easily accessible and inexpensive materials. We would like to ask you to help us by spreading the word or even joining the collective endeavour - as a community, we can help thousands of people in need.

Reach out to institutions in your local area and ask them if they could use some additional protective wear (chances are they definitely could!). It’s not only about hospitals and other first responders like police officers and firemen, but also nursing homes, dentists, or just grocery store staff - simply put, you could offer your help to all those who now have to stay in the service or be in contact with many other people in the time of crisis.

Better safe than sorry

Before you start printing, there's a couple of things to keep in mind...

While assembling the shields, be extremely careful, use a face mask and gloves. In other words: act as if you are infected! Consult the personnel you are making the shields for, they could give you advice regarding additional precautions!

Consult in advance the means of collecting and distributing the shields safely - avoid spoiling your hard work by e.g. insufficient protection during transport.

Use the design as it is, or improve it however you like. Make sure that the changes and improvemenets are based on a real-life experience of those, who use these shields.

Latest news

3/28, 10.00

Protection shield RC3 has been approved for use by Michigan Medicine Procurement

Quoting: The model approved by Michigan Medicine Procurement is the PRUSA Protective Face Shield-RC3. Print files can be found here: Prusaprinters.org Both the high resolution, and suggested low resolution settings have been approved, and material (PLA, PETG) is not a consideration as of 3/27/20. The ancillary 3D-printed piece at the bottom of the shield is unnecessary.
Sheeting is currently available via MCMaster (Online). A minimum of 0.4mm has been approved, please.
After printing and assembling, please bring the faceshield(s) to our donation location. PLEASE DO NOT DISSEMINATE DIRECTLY TO HOSPITAL OR HEALTH CARE WORKERS TO AVOID INADVERTENT CONTAMINATION.

More info here: Uofmhelath.org

3/27, 20.00

Protection shield design RC3.1 with faster printing speeds now available

We're now offering new print files meant for extremely fast printing. Usually a single headband and the chin take around 3 hours to print. With tweaked settings included in the .3mf file, you can get to 1 hour 20 minutes. However, be aware that your printer will move very quickly and it will be quite loud. You should also make sure that your printer is in a very good shape, otherwise it may have trouble printing at these speeds. More info at PrusaPrinters.org

3/27, 18.00

More than 100.000 downloads of the shield print files!

We are speechless! The print files have been downloaded more than 100.000 times from PrusaPrinters.org. There are so many awesome people out there! Thank you so much for lending a helping hand and being part of this!! Faith in humanity restored! 🙂

3/27, 13.00

The power of sharing information

Even if you don't have a 3D printer, you can still help by spreading the word and sharing the information. Let people around you know that there's an ongoing community-driven effort to deliver PPE to those in need. Let them know what 3D printing communities can do and how much they help every day. Chances are somebody from your area might need these shields and someone else is producing them! Keep going, guys, we're in this together!

Czech Republic is a small country of 10M people and our Facebook post about protective shields reached over 1.6M people only thanks to the power of sharing by Facebook users. Click to resize:

3/27, 12.00

Linus Tech Tips joins the effort with 30 3D printers

Linus Tech Tips just received a delivery of 30 machines from us, so they can join the global effort of printing our protective shields for those in need! Thank you and good luck, guys!

3/27, 10.00

Find 3D printing communities around you even faster

We have added a new feature to our PrusaPrinters community hub - Groups. You have the option to create and/or join 3D printing groups near you. We hope this feature will make it easier for you to find other people printing protective equipment. Let us know what you think at PrusaPrinters.org

3/25, 22.00

RC3 released

We’ve released the RC3 version with emoved hexagonal holes for faster printing speeds and several optimizations for stack printing. New print files with 4 headbands stacked on top of each other are available at PrusaPrinters.org.


100k requests, 12k donated

Medics from the whole Czech republic requested almost 100 thousand shields at this moment. We have already donated 12,000 shields and we are producing 3000 shields per day.

3/24, 18.00

Companies worldwide are joining the effort

More and more companies with access to 3D printers worldwide are joining the effort of bringing PPE to as many people as possible by printing our protective shields! Ford Motor Company joined forces with 3M and GE Healthcare and started to print our protective shield design, too!

3/24, 16:00

Disinfection guide published

We’re updating this guide with lab testing results. We even have lab testing with live coronavirus in progress. Huge thanks to all labs and hospitals that help us verify disinfection methods!

3/23, 12.30

Improvements in production

Besides improving the design of the face shield, we also try to create the best conditions for production. Our designers have put together a UV disinfection line for sealed bags with shield parts. We use 253nm UV-C light.

3/20, 17.30

RC2 released

Based on the user's feedback, we have released the RC2 version which offers several enhancements and it is more comfortable.


Collecting feedback

We are collecting feedback from medics and working on design improvements.

3/18, 23.30

Project announcement

We have published the first version of the article on our blog and released models for print.

3/18, 18.30

Testing samples

The first 40 "final" shields is on testing in University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague.

17. 3., 21.00

The second presentation

Josef meets Czech Minister of Health, Mr. Adam Vojtech, to present the current version of the shield.

17. 3., 20.00


We have solved packaging and we are finalizing RC1 model and assembly instructions.

3/16, 20.00

The first presentation

Presentation of the first prototypes at the Ministry of Health. We are starting to procure material and solve the production process with respect to the sterility of the environment and production efficiency.

3/16, 13.00

The beginning

Our friends from the Covid19CZ Facebook group told us about the high demand for protective face shields across medics in the Czech Republic. We have started with redesigning the original model to accelerate print time.

Do you have a question? Contact us via covid@prusa3d.com