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Automated Farm System by Prusa Research is a 3D printing production facility, a perfect solution for rapid prototyping, small-series production and a wide range of industrial uses.

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9 Fast 3D printers

The AFS is equipped with 9 fast CoreXY Input Shaper 3D printers, each with a print volume of 260×260×170 mm. The automated arm delivers finished prints into the integrated smart storage so the printer can resume operation as quickly as possible. If needed, it is possible to expand the AFS in increments of 9, allowing for increased printing capacity to meet growing demand.

Turn-Key Solution

PRUSA PRO AFS is a 3D printing production facility for both large and small businesses. With a wide range of supported thermoplastics and autonomous operation, the AFS is ideal for small-batch production, rapid prototyping, manufacturing of highly customized items, R&D and other areas. The internally developed software manages all parts of the production process.

Key applications

  • Prototyping

    Produce your prototypes using popular materials, such as PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA and more!

  • On-Demand Spare Parts

    Produce spare parts only when necessary, reducing lead times and inventory costs.

  • Production parts

    The AFS is capable of printing products for direct use or distribution.


  • Begin production immediately: simply upload a print file and start. The farm will manage the rest.
  • Wide range of supported materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA Polycarbonate, and more!
  • Less waste, lower costs, and industrially compostable materials for more efficient production.
  • Perfect for small-batch production, prototyping, research and development, and other fields.
  • Simple operation and maintenance, user-friendly software for management.

From Concept to Reality

  • Begin production immediately: simply upload a print file and start. The farm will manage the rest.

The Prusa Pro AFS was revealed as a high-tech prototype, our vision for the future of manufacturing, at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Now, the vision becomes a reality. In Prusa Research, we run a manually managed 3D print farm with more than 600 3D printers in a constant 24/7 operation, so a fully automated solution was the next logical step.


Prusa Pro AFS Specifications

Number of 3D printers9 with the possibility of incremental expansion by a multiple of 9
Print volume260×260×170 mm / 10.63×10.63×6.69 in.
Print surfaceRemovable spring steel sheets, multiple surfaces available (Smooth, Textured, Satin, PA Nylon)
NozzleEasy to swap nozzles, V6-compatible, up to 290 °C, nozzle cleaning system
ExtruderNext-generation extruder (Nextruder), LoadCell-based automatic mesh bed leveling, built-in filament sensor and accelerometer
HeatbedSegmented heatbed, up to 115 °C
Print extraction and deliveryThe AFS is capable of delivering finished prints to a storage system and placing an empty print sheet onto the printer.
Farm management softwarePrusa Connect, automatic task scheduling, print queuing, maintenance scheduling
3D printer kinematicsCoreXY with Input Shaper
Other featuresEasy to swap printers, remote access, optical print quality monitoring, emergency stop switch, safe access to finished prints, custom-made HEPA filtration (designed for 3D printing)


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