With over 100.000 3D printers sold, our Original Prusa i3 machines are the go-to solution not only for hobbyists and makers, but also for professionals in various industries across the whole world.

High print quality, reliability, low running costs and open-source nature of our 3D printers open new possibilities in medicine, education, science, R&D and many other areas.


Do you use Original Prusa printers in your company, school, university or other institution? Let us know. We will be happy to make a video or article about your unique Prusa Story!



Our machines are great for prototyping, they bring joy to hobbyists and makers worldwide. But what makes us proud the most is the fact that Original Prusa i3 3D printers are used in healthcare.

3D printed prosthetics, tools for doctors and students of medicine, new devices for hospitals and many other projects help make people's lives so much better.

Prosthetics fabrication workshop in Kathmandu

Peter Byron and Rishi Shrestrha are members of the global open source movement called eNAble. They used money raised at Patreon to buy two Prusa i3 MK3 printers and flew to Kathmandu where they set up a prosthetics fabrication workshop in a local hospital. The first patient who received a Raptor Reloaded 3D printed hand was 7 year old Khusi Shrestha.

Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Doctors from IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine) in Prague use Prusa i3 MK3 3D printers to print replicas of internal organs scanned using a CT. The replicas are examined before an operation to give the doctors a better overview of the organ. Also, patients who have their organs (such as a kidney) transplanted, can keep the replica of the original organ as a memorial gift.

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University Hospital Olomouc - 3D printed phantoms are real!

University Hospital Olomouc is one of the biggest hospitals in the Czech Republic, providing a wide spectrum of health care for both children and adults. The vast complex is comprising more than 50 buildings with 3500 employees. In 2018, medical physicists from the Department of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection started to use 3D printed phantoms for ionizing radiation-based imaging modalities. Creating own phantoms instead of purchasing them means a substantial saving of time, allows for a custom design tailored to actual experimental needs and also has the potential to save thousands of EUR. The commercially available phantoms are somewhat limited in their size and shape diversity, while in Olomouc they wanted to create specific custom models, necessary for thorough tuning of their hi-tech machines.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, dentists have been among those who put their health on the line. At work, they literally stare right into the potential infection source, and obviously, their patients could hardly wear face masks. When dentists use their drills and other rotary tools, they need to cool those down with a constant flow of water. This water mixes with air and the patient’s saliva and/or traces of blood into a potentially infectious aerosol. Like a hardly visible light mist, the aerosol could travel as far as 8 meters from the patient’s mouth!  

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Design, Art and Prototyping



TATRA is a legendary Czech automotive producer. Their history reaches back to year 1897, which places them among the three oldest, continuously existing automotive companies in the world. Their trucks are frequent participants of the Dakar Rally, with several wins under their belt. 3D printing plays its role in creating casting models and core boxes: objects which are then pressed into a moulding mixture to form a casting mold itself.

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Production Machines development in Bohemiatex

Internal parts for car exhausts, tapes for electrical insulators and other products. This is what Bohemiatex, located in Litomyšl, Czech Republic, produces on a daily basis. And 3D printers are an integral part of the technical development of new machines. Thanks to 3D printing, the production of complex parts is much easier – and as a result, the streamlined and less time-demanding component production is positively reflected in the progress achieved by the development team.

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Joshua Lee is an animatronic model senior designer, with more than 25 years of experience in the film industry. He worked on many famous movies: The Fifth Element, Prometheus, Maleficent, or cult statuses series like Star Wars or Harry Potter. He won the Visual Effects Society (VES) “Outstanding Models in a Photoreal or Animated Project” Award, for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).

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The Tail Company offers more than 30 types of movable animatronic tails in various sizes and have already shipped thousands of them to customers worldwide. All the main parts are printed on four Original Prusa i3 MK3S. “Turnaround time is fantastic because you can pull a print sheet off, pop the print off and you can be printing again in 30 seconds. The printers literally run 24/7. Without them, there are no tails.”

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Dusan Rak is a biologist and one of the founders of the Anitra System company. They specialize in technological solutions for animal tracking (so-called telemetry). Their main products are GPS loggers for monitoring birds and other animals. These devices are able to send data via mobile phone networks anywhere in the world, mapping even the vast distances migratory birds travel during each of their migrating seasons.

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An exhibition called ’Between Prague to Cairo’ got underway in Prague, Czech Republic. To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, this vast exhibition depicts many important milestones of the institute’s history. One of the unique features is a section with 3D printed replicas of ancient Egyptian artifacts - these were printed on our Original Prusa 3D printers.

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Driftworks: 3D printing in custom car part design

Driftworks is a custom car part shop based in Birmingham, Great Britain. As the name hints, their main focus is drifting: that crazy style of driving when you deliberately oversteer your car until you enter the curves sideways in clouds of blue smoke. Even after such a commercial success, the company team is still a bunch of enthusiasts and hobbyists at heart. The Original Prusa i3 MK3S printers fit very well into this environment, not only because both companies share bright orange as their brand color. 🙂

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The Eagle has landed! 3D printing in Prague Planetarium

In this Prusa Story, we are both going to the frontier of outer space and staying right in our neighborhood :slightly_smiling_face: How is that possible? Well, we visited the Prague Planetarium, which is located within walking distance from the Prusa factory. In the basement, they have four Original Prusa 3D printers, which they use mainly to create various interesting items for their exhibits. They print all sorts of small artifacts, like spacecraft scale models or astronaut’s helmets. However, there are also two epic, life-sized projects built from scratch.

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Thanks to detailed manuals and handbooks localized into many languages, it's easy to assemble your own Original Prusa i3 3D printer and get it up and running. So even though you can buy a full assembled printer, building your own is a great way how to discover and learn more about 3D printing.

Original Prusa i3 3D printers are an amazing tool not only for students, but also for researchers and historians across the world.

3D printed dinosaur skeleton replica

Jesse Pruitt taught a group of middle school students how to accurately model, articulate, pose and 3D print a dinosaur skeleton - Oryctodromeus found in Idaho. The bones were printed on an Original Prusa i3 MK3 and the finished skeleton is displayed in the Idaho Museum of Natural History. “I think this is a game changer for how museums think about creating exhibits,” said Leif Tapanila, museum director.

Teaching aid for a school in Bulovka hospital

The Kindergarten and Elementary School at Bulovka Hospital is a school for hospitalized children, who are receiving treatment at Bulovka hospital in Prague. The main focus of the institution is to reduce the stress from the change of lifestyle, while educating the children in fun and creative ways. Along with iPads and computers, the Original Prusa i3 3D printer is one of the "hi-tech toys" the students can play with.

Haptic model of the night sky for visually impaired

Petr Dusek from the Science Please project printed a 5-feet wide night sky dome as a part of the SilencePlease project. The dome is in fact a "haptic planetarium", allowing visually impaired people to literally touch the stars. Petr Dusek also prints various other models related to astronomy, such as models of surfaces of various planets - again, to allow visually impaired to learn more about space.

Institute of Applied Informatics

The Institute of Applied Informatics at the University of South Bohemia bought several Original Prusa i3 for their training courses focused on polytechnic education. These courses include both the creation/preparation of various models and, of course, lessons about 3D printing process itself. The courses are available for teachers and students as well, offering greater insight into this rapidly developing industry.

RC Models / Hobbies


Before the rise of 3D printers, many RC hobbyists were limited to store-bought parts, or they had to learn how to work with balsa wood. 3D printers changed the whole industry and allowed for some unbelievable things - such as a fully functioning SpaceX rocket replica printed on a Prusa i3 MK2!

Our e-shop offers a vast selection of various filaments, so you can always find the best one for your project. Print mechanically stressed parts with Prusament PET-G or choose from the various colours of Prusament PLA.

Project FDL - Custom made NERF blasters

These awesome full-auto dart blasters are now available in their third iteration. You can even configure the design online and then have the 3D printed and assembled blaster delivered. The authors are using 6 Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D printers as ‘They require very little fussing which makes it easy to just keep them running.’

3D Printed Off-Road RC Cars by 3D Sets

We’re watching four deep-treaded tires biting aggressively into wet ground, as the agile off-road vehicle in front of us tries to climb a very muddy slope. The car slides a few times from side to side until it finally finds something to grab onto. The 4x4 drive kicks in and pushes the machine forward and up. Gracefully, it swings over the edge, turns around and returns to us. Ondřej, who was driving the car the whole time, picks it up and inspects the chassis. Yes, we’ve been watching a remote-controlled car. It’s completely 3D-printed and nearly two feet long! Thanks to the guys from 3D Sets, anyone can print this vehicle at home and have tons of fun not only driving it, but modifying it as well.

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Valerior Ultimate Laser Game System

If you have ever played a match of Laser Tag, maybe you wished for a different environment – however, laser tag games are usually played in confined dark arenas. However, a Czech inventor Vladimir Kozlik came up with a sophisticated laser tag system, which is based on TV remote control technology, which works outside. Blasters and various pieces of equipment were printed on Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printers.

Read more (video included) - SpaceX Rocket Replicas

Joe Barnard started his DIY rocket project when he saw the launch and landing of SpaceX’s Flacon 9 rocket. At first, he bought a Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer just for fun, but he soon started learning about rocket science, so he could quickly prototype and build fully functioning scale models of rockets.