Spaghetti monster


Even though the name of this printing error sounds pretty cool, that’s about the only thing that’s good about it. It usually happens mid-print or when the printing is nearly done.

Once the first layer isn’t perfect, the chance of any type of print failure increases. The so-called spaghetti monster is a perfect example of this. What usually happens is that the printed object detaches from the print bed mid-printing, and the remaining layers stop sticking to the object. The other common source of this problem may be an error within the STL object.


How to prevent the spaghetti monster from appearing:

Check the first layerWhen you start printing, simply check that the first layer is sticking properly to the whole print surface. You can check video here to see what happens to prints if the first layer is not sticking to printing surface properly.

Check the object for errors – Always check the generated G-code in the Preview of PrusaSlicer. In case you find any gaps or broken geometry, you can either repair the STL object yourself or you can use one of our previous guides where we show How to repair broken 3D objects.

Try to increase the bed temperature – If you have already experienced this error, try to re-run the print and increase the bed temperature by 5°C. This should help with the first layer adhesion. You don’t have to re-slice the object and prepare a new G-code. Start the print, go to the LCD Menu – Tune and increase the temperature for the bed.