Prusa i3 printable parts and upgrades

You can find Original Prusa i3 printable files and upgrades on this page.

Prusa i3 printable files

All STL files for Original Prusa i3. License GNU GPL v3.

MK2 P.I.N.D.A. protector

2016-08-16 at 12.55
Probe protectors for MK2 needs to be printed from ABS. Prevents rare damage to the probe when a print accidentally lifts up. Assembly instruction can be found in our assembly manual.

Antivibration feet

2015-10-30 at 18.30
Just print attached GCODE files and attach one piece under M10 threaded rod in every corner of Y axis.
Printer basically floats in the air and won’t transfer vibrations to other objects.