Printed object has missing parts

In some cases, a print can finish even if some parts of the object weren’t fully printed, but a missing part of an object will more often cause the whole print job to fail. Try printing a sample object to see whether it is also affected by this issue.

The warrior’s right arm is missing completely and a part of the shield is damaged


There are two main reasons (and a third, less common one) why printed objects have missing parts and they both usually come down to incorrect slicing settings:


  1. a) Lack of supports

Please check the 6.5 Slicing objects for the SL1 chapter to learn how to correctly position an object and generate supports for it. Keep in mind that parts of the object cannot start mid-air and that the printer has a threshold for overhangs.


Solution: Improve the supports in PrusaSlicer, re-slice the object and try printing it again. If the problem persists, try printing a sample object and see if the problem is still present. If it is, there might be a problem with the printing display or UV LED panel. See online troubleshooting at to learn more.


  1. b) Incorrect exposure times


If you set incorrect exposure times (especially too low times), the resin will not have enough time solidify, which may result in missing details. Always make sure you’re using recommended exposure times for your prints.


Solution: Make sure you are using exposure times recommended for the resin of your choice.


  1. c) Faulty hardware


Another possibility (a less common one) is that your print display or UV LED panel is faulty, so either the mask is incorrectly displayed or only a part of the object is cured by UV light. Please refer to the Hardware troubleshooting section at to learn how to diagnose the print display and UV LED panel.