Print doesn’t appear / resin does not solidify

If the print does not appear on the printing platform, nor at the bottom of the resin tank, there are a couple of possible causes: insufficient exposure times, faulty UV panel, faulty LCD screen, or there’s too much isopropyl alcohol in the resin.

Solution: First try a new batch of resin. If you kept re-using one batch several times, it’s possible the resin lost its original properties and won’t solidify anymore.

Check the time setting for resin exposure.

Check the UV panel and LCD screen, whether they work as intended – run the printer’s self-test and calibration to make sure the hardware is not faulty. Also, if the logo does not appear on the display, check the display’s wiring. Remove the black cover secured by eight screws, then inspect the cable leading from the exposition (print) display. You can carefully disconnect and reconnect the cable header from the mainboard to ensure that it is seated correctly.