Layer Separation and Splitting

It’s not difficult to tell the difference between cracking and missing layers. Best way to identify cracked layers are the clean cuts that show a bit of an upward bend or warp.

Layer separation occurs when the object cracks due to forces exerted on the print when layers cool down at a different rate. Warping forces exceed the layer adhesion strength and they cause the layers to separate.

How to prevent Layer separation and Splitting:

ABS is highly susceptible to layer separation when there’s any sort of cold air blowing on the print before it has cooled down fully. We suggest to turn off fans for ABS prints completely. ABS is best printed in a fully enclosed (or even heated) chamber as we made from an Ikea Lack table here.

PLA may suffer from cracking and layer separation problems if you’re printing with insufficient temperature. Try increasing the printing temperature in 5°C increments, until you get a good layer adhesion.