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Sistema antincendio (Original Prusa Enclosure)

Self-contained tube-style fire suppression system designed to be mounted in the Original Prusa Enclosure.

Note: The fire suppression system is available for order only in the EU due to shipping restrictions.

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Self-contained tube-style fire suppression system. The system is manufactured in Europe and uses an extremely effective, clean, and safe extinguishing medium. The system operates automatically and independently of any power supply by reacting to high temperatures. Our 3D printers are known to be extremely reliable and safe, so there is no risk of fire hazards. We’re adding this system mainly due to the requirements of certain institutions (schools, hackerspaces, etc.) where there is a frequent requirement to have a fire suppression system.


Simple and automatic

The system will automatic activated through the detection of increased temperature when placed in the risk assessed areas.

Safe operation

The concentration of the agent is harmless to people and possess no threat to health once activated inside the enclosure.

Package includes:
  • T033E BlazeCut T Series Fire Suppression (1pc)
  • P-clamp (2pcs)


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