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Chiusura meccanica (Original Prusa Enclosure)

Mechanical lock for your Original Prusa Enclosure. Prevent unauthorized access to your 3D printer by installing this lock onto the enclosure’s door. This spare part is compatible only with the Original Prusa Enclosure.

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A standard mechanical lock that fits in the door of the enclosure, so you can keep your printer locked away from prying hands. Perfect not only for your home but also for schools, universities, hackerspaces, and other places where you want to disable unsupervised access to your printer.

Main features

Ideal for public spaces

If you have your enclosure in common areas, in school, or you want just to lock your enclosure to save your prints of unwilling hands you can!

Quality parts

the Mechanical Lock was designed from quality parts to make it last as long as possible.

This product includes:
  • Lock (1pc)
  • Mechanical Lock Rod (2pcs)
  • Mechanical Lock Lever (1pc)
  • Handle with lock hole (1 pc)
  • Lock Door Holder A (1 pc)
  • Lock Door Holder B (1 pc)
  • Lock mount (1 pc)
  • Lock cover (1 pc)
  • Rod guide (2pcs)
  • Rod latch (2pcs)
  • Lock wrench (1 pc)


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