First layer doesn’t stick (Non-Adherence)

If you notice during the printing process that no object appeared on the printing platform, it usually means that the first layer didn’t adhere properly, or the object detached mid-print. To rule out slicing-related issues, try printing a sample (pre-sliced) object first.


There are a number of reasons why the first layer does not stick to the printing platform:


  1. a) The printing platform is not secured properly


The printing platform is not properly secured. Make sure that you didn’t forget to tighten the black knob at the top of the tower. A freely moving printing platform cannot reach an optimal position and the first layer won’t stick.


Solution: Tighten the black knob at the top of the platform.


  1. b) The bottom of the tank is cloudy/dirty


Before you pour the resin into the tank, make sure that the bottom of the tank (the FEP film) is completely clear. A cloudy, dirty or damaged FEP film will have a negative impact on the printing quality and it may even block UV light enough to stop the resin from solidifying properly.


Solution: Clean the FEP film using warm water and a bit of dishwashing product, and wipe it with soft paper towels. Low quality / rough paper towels could scratch the surface.

Dirty FEP film (left) vs clean FEP film (right)


  1. c) Incorrect slicing settings


There’s a couple of things that may go wrong during slicing – incorrect exposure times, an incorrect object orientation or a lack of supports.


Make sure that you are using the recommended exposure times for the resin of your choice. We have tested over a hundred of various resins and we’re constantly testing new ones, so we can add tweaked resin profiles into PrusaSlicer.

Solution: Reslice your model using default settings and try printing the object again, or try printing one of the sample objects to rule out the possibility that slicing settings are the cause. The exposure times for initial layers should be much longer – e.g. 45 seconds to ensure a strong connection to the printing platform.


  1. d) Poor object orientation / insufficient supports


Incorrect object orientation can be another source of issues with adhesion. After a layer is solidified, the printer has to detach it from the bottom of the tank – if there’s a single support holding a large part of the object, it won’t withstand the peel force, causing it to detach.


Solution: Please refer to the chapter Slicing – Best practices to learn how to position an object correctly.


  1. e) Resin has been mixed with IPA


The resin has been mixed with IPA (e.g. while cleaning the printing platform) and its properties have changed, causing it to not solidify.


Solution: Clean the resin tank properly, use a new batch of resin and try again.


  1. f) The printer is not calibrated correctly


It’s possible that something changed since the last calibration of the printer – you have replaced some parts or moved the printer to a new location.


Solution: A re-calibration is required. Please refer to the 4.5 Calibration chapter for step-by-step instructions.


  1. g) A faulty print display or UV LED panel


If the first layer didn’t adhere to the printing platform and it’s not attached to the bottom of the tank either, it usually means that the first layer wasn’t created at all. A possible cause is a faulty print display or a faulty or disconnected UV LED panel.


Solution: Please refer to the online troubleshooting section at to learn more about diagnosing the function of these two parts.