Extruder blob


Extruder blob is one of the worst printing problems you can encounter with your 3D printer. Unlike the spaghetti monster, this issue occurs earlier in the process, usually during the initial 5 minutes of the print. The first layer detaches from the steel sheet, the object warps, sticks to the nozzle and covers it. The extruder keeps extruding and the blob grows and grows, leaving you with a non-working printer.

It’s generally very easy to prevent this situation from happening. However, it’s quite tricky to clean it when it happens. Just to make it a bit easier for you, we have prepared a short video where we show you how to remove it. Basically, what you need to do is to preheat the nozzle to a higher temperature (250°C for PLA, 280°C for ABS) and wait until the blob gets soft – in many cases, it will fall off by itself. If not, you will need to use pliers and CAREFULLY remove the blob, but don’t use excessive force. Be extra careful, because you can damage the cables leading to the extruder. After you remove the blob, clean the nozzle and its surroundings.

How to prevent extruder blob from happening:

Check the first layer – A poor quality first layer is the most common source of extruder blob in a majority of cases. Always make sure that the first layer is sticking properly across the whole print surface before you leave your printer unattended. Monitor the print for first 5–10 minutes after that check the progress. We recommend doing this every time. If you see any issues, stop that print, clean the surface thoroughly and start a new print. If everything seems to be running well, then you can let your printer finish the job.