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Pokročilý filtrační systém pro Original Prusa Enclosure

The Advanced Filtration System is useful when you print materials such as ASA and other materials that produce an increased number of ultra-fine particles and fumes during printing. Note: the filtration system requires the Basic Board (sold separately) to work! This spare part is compatible only with the Original Prusa Enclosure.

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The Advanced Filtration System is a set of a housing with a HEPA filter and a high-pressure blower that can be installed on the side of the Original Prusa Enclosure. It requires the Basic Board (sold separately) to work.

Studies have shown that most of the commonly used 3D printing materials should be safe, but we wanted to take this a step further. Our farm running over 600 printers has been testing its own air filtration system for some time. When we started designing the enclosure, we wanted to provide you with a similar solution. Fewer particles and less odor in the air are always better.

The package contains:
  • High Pressure Blower (1pc)
  • HEPA Filter (1pc)
  • Blower o-ring (1pc)
  • Filter Bracket (1 pc)
  • Vibration damper (4 pcs)

Basic Board (sold separately)

The Basic Board (separate add-on) allows you to power and control the Advanced Filtration System. It is a vital component to the system. When you add the Advanced Filtration System to your cart, don’t forget to add the Basic Board manually!

Main Features


VOCs (volatile organic compounds): toxic gas), UFPs ()ultrafine particles: nanoparticles). 3D printers are registered as high harmful emitters.

Odor reduction

Our HEPA filter is designed for 3D printer emissions. 2 in 1 filter for the best protection against VOCs and UFPs.

Simple maintenance

The Advanced Filtration System was designed to enable easy replacement of the HEPA filter.

Compatible with SmartBox

SmartBox is our upcoming smart electronics system. It will allow to automate the functionality of the Advanced Filtration System.

More details

To design the filtration system, we partnered with a company specializing in air filters. By combining a highly efficient HEPA filter (99,9% efficiency) with active carbon granules we aim to get rid of both particles and smell.

While researching air filtration, we have discovered that there isn’t currently any certification or standards for 3D printing. Once the development is finished we will share our knowledge with the community and hopefully inspire others to join us in this initiative.


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