3D Printing Quick Tips Video Series


The right way to insert a filament MK1, MK2

In the first episode Josef shows how to insert the filament into your printer properly.

Cleaning the hobbed pulley MK1, MK2

Second episode is focusing on the hobbled pulley which provides the grip to push filament into the extruder. It is very important part of the printer, keep it clean!

Easy printbed preparation MK1

In the third video Josef teachs how to properly prepare the print bed for perfect adhesion.

Cleaning of the print glass MK1

In the fourth video we have extremely simple and useful trick. Josef shows you how to easily clean messy and dirty glass print surface.

Perfect first layer MK1

Josef shows how to achieve a perfect first layer and object adhesion.

The best sites with 3D models (Part 1) MK1, MK2

The best sites with 3D models (Part 2) MK1, MK2

How to: Big objects MK1, MK2

Fixing STL files MK1, MK2

Positioning objects for printing MK1, MK2

How to deal with overhangs MK1, MK2

Setting the print fan MK1, MK2


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